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ng_moonmoth's Journal

Edwer Thissell
Gender: nonbinary polygender. For any gender g, some of what is supposed to matter to people who identify as "g" may not matter to me, and some of what matters to me may not be supposed to matter to people who identify as "g". If there is sufficient overlap, I am willing to negotiate with those who identify as "g" as to whether, and how, I may include g as a component of my gender identity.

Sexuality: demisexual, polysexual. The processors must be compatible, but if they are, the interface is negotiable. Identifying as "pansexual" would imply to me that the negotiation would always succeed, and I do not believe that is so.

Status: gender starting to leak around the edges. Sexuality untested beyond current exclusive heterosexual partnership of reasonably long standing.
cultural norms, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, genderqueer, non-normative oppression, non-normative visibility, nonbinary gender