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Additional background material: Zetetics

ZMT has become likely to appear in further Polychrome Heroics stories. Their logo ZMT Logo incorporates the shape of the Terramagne “zetetic hazard” symbol, which is designed with similar goals to the hazmat (NFPA 704), biohazard, and radioactive hazard symbols, including annotations to indicate what might be inside, and help first responders identify and prepare for what they might encounter.

I've made a start on things; here's what seems reasonable so far.

The base symbol zetetic hazard warning symbol is an infinity symbol with an upward arrow emerging from the center. The default coloration is a multicolored patchwork. No idea what black-and-white or stamped (as into metal or plastic) renditions would use instead.

This leaves four areas (inside each lobe, below the symbol, above the arrow) for further description. Tentatively, I would expect that there would be a way to indicate what the known or expected effects of the zetetic components are, information on other environmental hazards that might be present, and some indication of the potency and range in case of a containment breach.

And now I suspect there are folks out there who have a much better idea than I do about what first responders (including SPAZMAT folks) would want to know. So I'm appealing to the crowd to help me create a realistic (for Terramagne) system for what goes in those places.

I've still got lots of additional background from “In The Soup”, both public and secret, so I'm going to import my offer from there, and publish more of that as a way of saying “thank you” to anyone who helps out. Also as before, if you have any interest in a particular area, please let me know, and I'll find something.

Thanks to all who decide to help!
Tags: demifiction, polychrome heroics

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