July 11th, 2016

Where I'm From - poem meme

From wildrose via belenen: a template for writing a poem. If you'd like to do one, too, check out the template.

I am from kitchen ranges and cooking utensils,
from Apple computers and Trek bicycles.
I am from an unstable, constantly renewing nexus, crackling with energy released as the future is created.
I am from the Norway pines, dandelions, midsummer thunderstorms and midwinter blizzards,
the redwoods dripping moisture drawn from the overnight fog, the apple and orange blossoms, the bees and hummingbirds that visit them.

I am from summer weeks by northern lakes
and heading out to see for oneself what lies beyond the horizon,
from Margaret and Bret and Steve.
I am from the parents who wanted what they believed was the best for their children, and children who charted their own path and found they still had a place to return to.
From "You have God-given gifts. Use them wisely." and "Boys don't do that."

I am from "The heavens proclaim the glory of God", but have moved on to realizing that the universe proclaims its own glory and has no need of agency.
I'm from Germany via Wisconsin, and the South via Chicago,
from a holiday turkey roasting on the barbecue grill and kitchen produce fresh from the yard.
From the brother who lifted up the goat's tail to find out where the little rocks were coming from,
all of us as children, gathering in our PJs at the top of the stairs Christmas morning, eagerly anticipating what Santa had brought.

I am from cross-country trips and holiday gatherings,
from art works that bring to mind the places they were acquired,
from a package of clothing, letters and stories defining my childhood, lovingly preserved for me --
I understand where I am from, and I am still heading Out.

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